I’m a writer, EDITOR, and SMALL-BUSINESS strategist. Wine is a specialty.

My communications career spans two decades and several industries—including book publishing, the arts, and  travel. My knack for storytelling has helped dozens of businesses and nonprofits reach new audiences.

As longtime brand and operations director for a boutique winery (2009 to 2017) I came to understand the inner workings of a small business. My writing grew to encompass related topics.

Along the way, I launched a startup wine brand that raised funds for community organizations. I also consulted with other wineries and vendors across the industry, resulting in a broad and varied experience.

In 2017, I launched Woman-Owned Wineries to elevate female colleagues. My efforts to help build equity within the wine industry have been featured in The San Francisco Chronicle, Forbes, Vinepair, Wall Street Journal Magazine, and elsewhere. For this work, I was named Imbibe Magazine‘s “Wine Person of the Year” 2019.

In addition to building an evolving network of hardworking women in wine, I selectively take on communications clients. Creative collaborations, new endeavors, and fledgling projects are particularly appealing. Have an idea? Please don’t be shy to reach out>