Nerve & Me

  This week, I was honored to share an essay in Vela Magazine , a publication I've long admired. The essay explores what life with epilepsy has taught me about uncertainty. The world—and our bodies—do not always operate in a neat and orderly fashion. Control is not our default modus operandi, or even our ideal. Thirty years with epilepsy has taught me … Continue reading Nerve & Me

“It’s important to find your lens.” In conversation with writer Cathy Huyghe

In Cavalier Career, we explore the will to do good work. So what kind of work does it take--really--to bring wine to the table?  Consider:. A harvest crew skilled not only at picking fruit, but hunting rabbits. Courage enough to traverse war-torn Syria in a taxicab full of ripening grapes. Nerve to skirt the law, particularly in … Continue reading “It’s important to find your lens.” In conversation with writer Cathy Huyghe

Beginner’s Mind and Me

The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts. ― Bertrand Russell This summer,  I wrote a trade article that was widely aggregated. It was my first piece for the wine industry, proper. (Most of my wine-related essays have been more personal.) It's gratifying to … Continue reading Beginner’s Mind and Me

Voice, Part 2: Blah Blah

"I sometimes say that, for a composer, the first thing to do is find your voice and the second is to get rid of it. Mostly I try to get rid of it." ~Phillip Glass These words from one of America's greatest composers reminds me of a pair of underwear I recently bought from Walmart. (I … Continue reading Voice, Part 2: Blah Blah