Wine (and Hope) for the People

My one souvenir from a weekend at the¬†Wonder Women of Wine gathering bears a single slogan, but multiple messages. Wine for the People is a community-minded producer of Texas-grown natural wines, led by the unstoppable Rae Wilson. Promise you'll try her Sangiovese,¬†okay? But beyond that, "Wine for the People" is an ethos for our industry. … Continue reading Wine (and Hope) for the People


Recognition (+ An Eye on the Horizon)

One surreal day I woke up and had been named "Wine Person of the Year" by Imbibe Magazine for my work advocating for women wine entrepreneurs. Hello to you too, 2019

On Showing Up & Serving Others: An Interview with Ashley Trout

This fall, my startup endeavor¬†Woman‚ÄďOwned¬†Wineries¬†launched a wine club highlighting some of my very favorite female wine entrepreneurs.¬†Our current feature spotlights winemaker and social entrepreneur Ashley Trout.¬† Ashley‚Äôs most recent endeavor¬†Vital Winery¬†is based 100% on donations‚Äď-from the fruit to the bottles to the labels. All profits support a health clinic primarily serving¬†winery¬†workers. In light of my … Continue reading On Showing Up & Serving Others: An Interview with Ashley Trout