Progress + Pacing

Six months after its inception, Woman-Owned Wineries continues to grow. Can we just take a moment and raise a glass to all of you who’ve made that happen?


The project kicked  off at full-tilt. I’ve never worked so hard, or with so much conviction. Yet this spring,  I took a step back and began to pace myself.


As someone who’s naturally enthusiastic and (um, in case you hadn’t noticed) passionate about the project, one challenge along my entrepreneurial path has been to slow down. Everything is just so darned exciting, and umpteen tasks require my attention, so this is tricky–but essential.


An easier pace has yielded superior results.  After a weekend or two in the sunshine and salt spray, I’m happy to highlight the following progress on Woman-Owned Wineries:



I’m encouraged and gratified that so many people have found this work relevant. Here are the latest  journalists who have shared this story:

Check out more press on this project here.


I’ve  loved working on the company logo and branding with our talented designer. Anyone who knows my work knows that visual messaging is a very favorite thing. We can’t wait to share these beautiful, bright designs…

 Online Directory (with a little help from our friends) 

Our project assistant, the dynamic Melanie Wynne, has now officially begun work to expand our online directory to include wineries nationwide.  By the end of May, we aim to offer a unique resource to wine industry colleagues and consumers alike.



We raised another $1K through our crowdfunding campaign–yeehaw! Thanks so much to all of you who’ve contributed. This is a people-powered project.

We still need your financial support. 

Our iFundWomen crowdfunding campaign offers great rewards, beyond the warm fuzzy feeling that comes with doing good. If you haven’t already, please consider making a donation  here.

Thank you!

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