The Value of Work

4000 (9).jpgHearty thanks to all who have supported  Woman-Owned Wineries thus far. I’m humbled that this project has seemed meaningful to so many people. To ensure its growth and success, I’m raising money here.

Woman-Owned Wineries elevates female wine entrepreneurs through storytelling, advocacy, and commerce. No matter your walk of life, this project benefits you. (Yes, that includes men and beer drinkers, too!) When we foster a better workplace for women, we foster a better society for us all

I’ve had plenty of time to observe the workplace in many forms. I’ve been officially employed since age 15, when I hustled part-time at a drugstore after school. In college, I juggled three jobs at a time–one of them from midnight till 5 a.m. I’ve worked in bookstores, publishing houses, and card shops. I’ve waited tables, slung booze, and worked as a freelance editor. More recently, I spent eight years managing a winery.

“Work is love made visible,” said one of the poets. For me, work is a means of self-transformation. So it matters to me to encourage a truly healthy workplace–one where we can all can go to apply ourselves and walk away greater people. This is largely what drives me to help improve the work lives of women.

Would you like to engage in this work, too? A donation here in any amount will propel this project forward.  On the donations page, you can also join the wine club. And you can get a fetching ” Thirsty for Change” tee (women’s or unisex) here.


If you have any thoughts about the project, I’d love to hear from you.