It’s not (just) about wine

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So (deep breath) I’m starting a company. Yep.

Anyone who knows me, knows that lately, I’ve been scheming and dreaming more than usual. I’ve been mapping out business plans, researching licenses, and market testing. I’ve been asking folks with similar business plans how they succeeded (and how they failed). I’ve been gathering an army of collaborators to help me achieve my mission.

What is that mission? I aim to share beautiful wine, while narrowing the gap between male and female entrepreneurs (Yes, that gap a thing. Read about it here and here.) I want to build a business that actually helps other businesspeople. And I want it to be fun, along the way. 🥂

This is possible–I believe that. And I believe that you, dear reader, can be a part of it. Join in this mission, and let your glass and your heart be filled.

WoW Sonoma County had a great day sharing our mission at the Women’s March.

Woman-Owned Wineries (WoW) of Sonoma County  began as a simple online list of female wine entrepreneurs. I built the website in November 2017 in order to help guide consumers toward capable women, who are statistically at risk in business endeavors. The public response was far greater than I anticipated. This article was published, and two more are coming down the pipeline. I quickly knew I’d become a steward of a project greater than me, and vowed to do everything possible to bring it into fruition.

After a season of brainstorming and planning, I’ve found the next step: This spring, WoW Sonoma County will launch a carefully curated subscription program of wine and story celebrating woman-owned wineries. Our list was a fine start, but wouldn’t it be even better if we brought the wines to your doorstep? Obviously!

This will be a wine club, but with extra juice.

Wine brings joy, beauty, and escape–all of which is healing and transformative. Yet wine is not the only motivation, here.  Instead, I’m driven by the idea of helping others reach their dreams. I want to lift these hardworking, badass women business owners up so high that they kiss the sky. I want any problems that may be holding them back to not be problems anymore. I want women who couldn’t have imagined themselves to be entrepreneurs to begin seeing greater possibility.

Do you want that, too? Great–because I’ll need your help.

To fund the first phase of the WoW Sonoma County wine club, I’m using a platform called iFundWomen. This program was begun by Karen Cahn when she experienced firsthand that women are grossly underfunded in venture capital circles.  I’m so thrilled to have found a platform with a mission in line with my own purpose.

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In my research, I’ve learned that loan officers really like to see crowdfunding as evidence of popular support for a new venture. (Who knew?) Sure, we all roll our eyes at campaigns begging for vacation money or other trivial causes, and rightly so. Yet for viable startup companies, crowdfunding has become crucial. “Success on a crowdfunding site is an absolute data point and indicator that a company is ready to make that next step,” says Cahn in this article. .

WoW Sonoma County’s crowdfunding project launches on March 1st, aligned with Women’s History Month. We’re at the very beginning of this journey. Won’t you follow along?

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